Comics & Art

Halloween 2020 Costume Contest Submission The Head

3D Modeling: Apocolypse Room

5 Image Series Dawn to Dusk

Giving Up on a Friday Night aka Rat Trap

Comic that I made Fall of 2021 for my Psychology in Graphic Literature class.

I chipped away at the first half for over a month, while the second half was done in a single night.

Weird Hero comic made in a single weekend: LOOP

June, 2022. In my history of comics class, we had all term to create a comic staring a our own superhero, while also following the directions for each page.

I was frustrated with what I had made previously, and I was sick of writing dialogue. So on the weekend before finals week I made LOOP.

ART FIGHT 2022 TEAM: Unifinished.

I bit off more than I could chew for Artfight, and ended up not participating this year. However, I do have some character resources that I'll add to this page when I get them into a finished state.

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