2020-2022 showreel. Was made in April of 2022, so will most likely be updated later in the year.

The Fall. March 2022. Character belongs to Weaver, the person who made NanQuest(which is the comic this scene is based on). The character was drawn in Photoshop and inported into After Effects using the Duik Rigging plugin. The elevator was made in Blender, and exported as a background video in After Effects.

Proof of concept animation made in Blender. Character was made in Photoshop, and the text box was added in After Effects. February 2022

Music Video for Tom Cardy - Why Am I Anxious? made in Blender, with post processing done in After Effects. April 2022

First ever Blender animation. January 2021

Music video for Ben Levin - Opperator. Made in Blender, post processing done in After Effects. May 2021

Proof of concept animation. I made a rudimentary rig using body parts that I drew individually, and imported them into After Effects using the 3D parts of the program. February 2022

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