Welcome to STATIC-LOUD

Static-Loud is a website that acts as both a work portfolio for Renee Z. and an interactive game for those who wish to explore it. Currently, there are a few passwords hidden throughout the site that can be used to customize the website background. Eventually, there will be more backgrounds, secrets, and hidden pages on the the site.

This website wouldn't exist without the inspiration, support, and advice that I've been given. In the future, this page will inlcude a list of other cool people, who have either personally supported me over the last few years or who's work helped me design this website in the first place.


I'll be adding people to the list over time when I get their contact info and consent to be added to this list.

Carson - Musician and all around homie

Madison - Tattoo Artist and bug connoisseur.
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Robert Arellano - Teacher and Mentor


List is currently under construction, please stand by.


List is currently under construction, please stand by.


Who are you?

My name is Renee Z., and I'm a 21 year old digital artist who is currently working their way through college. My main motivation in life has been creating stories. This has taken many different forms, inlcuding theatre, voice acting, music, and drawing. However, over the course of the pandemic I've gravitated back towards my roots and returned to digital arts. Since then, I've focused mostly on animation and comics, with some voice acting sprinkled throughout whenever the chance arrives.

In the future, I want to have a nice balance between my passions, which also include acting and music, but in the mean time I'll be focusing mostly on the visual arts. If you want more information, the BIO tab on the main page has more details.

So what am I supposed to do here?

In it's current state, the website acts mostly as a funky looking portfolio. So look back on some of my past work, or check out the progress I've made on the stuff I'm currently working on.

In the future, there will be various codes squirelled away throughout the site that can be used to unlock some customization options. If you don't like the eye seering static background, you can change it to something else. In fact, once it's in place, imput the code CLOUDS to get a background that is a bit more gentle. Not only that, but there will be 2 other parts of the site to interact with.

Part 1 is HACKSPACE, which is where you imput the codes you find throughout the site in order unlock stuff. This will require a decent amount of javascript to pull off, so don't expect it until this summer. There will also be a locked door, which requires a code to access. This code can be found in Part 2: STATIC-LOUD, which is a twine game that will be tied directly into the website.

How do I get in contact with you?

Currently there isn't any contact information on this site, however in the future there will be an email address provided. In the mean time, feel free to leave a message on the STATIC-LOUD neocities page, which I check frequiently.

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