.EXE Existence

Roadtrip is a partially finished animation I worked on over the course of one week, from concept to (almost) completion. So far I still have to do a fight sequence, however here's what I have so far:

The character models were made in Photoshop, and then imported into blender as Images As Planes, and parented at the joints. From there, I just needed to position and move the characters within the 3D space. For the chatbox, I recycled the UI that I made for RetroTalk(Check it out in PastWork if you haven't already seen it) and made some minor adjustments to make it fit. The character Sprites, both for the fight intro and for the talking animation, were made in Piskel and exported as gifs into AfterEffects. Chiptune music was done in ORG Maker.

This project is currently crippled until I can get access to a computer that can render Blender animations, due to how my laptop can't handle beefy projects. Expect more progress on this one around October.

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