Hey everybody, welcome to STATIC-LOUD! This home page connects to the various sections of the website. If you're confused, I would suggest checking out the What Is This tab on the navigation bar.

Bellow this box are links to various in-progress projects. So far this includes SNARE ETA, Roadtrip, Cutgrip, and various ideas for music videos. Most of these projects have been on hold until I can get access to a better computer, so in the mean time I've been learning how to use RPG Maker VX Ace.

You can find my Portfolio under the Past Work tab, which includes both recreational projects and things that I've made for various classes.

a few months ago my computer's motherboard died, which has impacted how much I've been able to animate and work on the site. I'll hopefully be able to get a replacement before October, but content on this website might be a bit dry until then.

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