This is the UPDATES page. In the future, this will be the place to see announcements and progress on my various projects. In the meantime, it will act as the To Do list for this website.


Add pages for past projects that I haven't included yet.

Finalize UI for the website, along with deciding what features to include/drop

Add basic contact information

Finish the FAQ, and adding links to all of the mentioned creators.


Clean up code so it's legible to other people.

Code the customizable background. This requires using local storage in JS which has been hell to figure out

Code the password system, which will unlock locations and customization once in place


Work on the Twine aspect of the website

Set up secret areas that require codes to be accessed

Make assets for new content

Learn basic three.js, that will be used very rarely throughout the site.

Create unlockable backgrounds, nicknacks, and features themed around past and current projects

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